Institute for safe play

Institute for safe play is a non-profit Institute in Slovenia, who wants to use preventive measures to improve the safety of playground equipment and toys.


We want to ensure that children and adolescents have available safe playground equipment. As a preventive measure in our Institute we consider the different learning and motivational activities to encourage learning abilities of our target groups. We want to create and maintained preventive awareness of owners of playgrounds, as well as manufacturers and suppliers of playground equipment and also toys. Our goals:
• to organize and promote safe play through preventive measures,
• look for new opportunities to increase safety in during the use of play equipment and toys by,
• to raise awareness and train the general public,
• to cooperate with other institutions, associations (NGOs), universities and individuals who are in any way involved in prevention in the field of security on the playground, playground equipment and toys,
• to promote professional development,
• to implement the estimation of risk advantage.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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