Crescer na Maior – Community Intervention Association

Crescer na Maior is a NGO funded in 2001 and it’s mission is community intervention at the primary, secondary and tertiary prevention level, with groups manifesting major social exclusion.


Crescer na Maior develops work in the Harm Reduction and Damage Minimization context, through Outreach Teams intervening, since 2002, with the most vulnerable and excluded population in the city of Lisbon. In 2002, we implemented a pioneer project in the context of School Dropout Prevention, in Northern Portugal. We also developed a community intervention project on children, youngsters and their families, in Vale de Alcântara, a disadvantaged area of Lisbon, aiming to create alternative life paths, to prevent risky behaviors and to create healthy lifestyles. In the context of these projects, we ran an Occupational Center and a Ludoteque, with computer, plastic arts and painting workshops. We manage, since 2006, a Professional Insertion Office in a social neighborhood in Lisbon. At the beginning of 2013, we implemented the project "É UMA CASA, Mouraria Housing First", targeting long term homeless population in the Mouraria neighborhood.

Description of proposed activity or project

The Project "É UMA CASA, Imigrantes Housing First" aims to give social support to the illegal population that is homeless in Lisbon, giving them access to an individualized home and ensuring the whole process of (re)integration into the community. The first step, in addition to the house, will always be the legalization of customers, followed by access to health facilities, access to social structures and participation in community activities. We also pretend to focus our work with the beneficiaries in what concerns to their reeducation and re-acquisition of personal and social skills. The street team support provides individual support 24 hours a day and ensures the continued monitoring, with a minimum of 6 visits per month.
This project we propose to develop, pretends to replicate the methodology used for Crescer na Maior’s project "É UMA CASA, Mouraria Housing First", implemented at the beginning of 2013.

Type of partner/expertise sought

We seek for partners with expertise on the Housing First model and/or experience on working with immigrant homeless populations, promoting our team’s acquisition of new forms of knowledge and different ways for working with this target group. In this way, we expect being capacited to surpass difficulties presented specifically to immigrant individuals, and from a broader perspective, to long term homeless people, so to more effectively achieve the goals set with the beneficiaries of this project, based on the Housing First methodology.

Type of expertise/competence offered

We can collaborate with partners for capacity building on harm reduction with excluded and vulnerable populations; consultancy on community intervention projects.

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