Norwegian Actors' Equity Association - NAEA


Norwegian Actors' Equity Association (NAEA)
is an independent organisation whose purpose is to protect the artistic, judicial and financial interests of actors in Norway. Founded in 1898, the Association is one of the oldest Trade Unions in the world for actors and the only nation-wide Trade Union in Norway to represent professional actors within theatre, film, television, radio and other fields of work.

The Association has achieved an important function as a service organisation for its members, both nationally and internationally. The Association today functions as an informal work unity for employers, a body entitled to comment in the Civil Service, spokesman towards the press, manager of funds and grants, advocate in salary negotiations, support in judicial areas, protector of copyrights and a guide for the hopeful, young.

The Association administrates a house in Spain, publishes the Actors' Catalogue, negotiates and renegotiates work agreements and scales of pay.

The Association currently organises approximately 1050 members, of whom app. 200 members are appointed at theatres, app. 50 in free theatre groups and app. 800 are freelancers.

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