Neamt County Library

The Library "G. T. Kirileanu" Neamt with 40 employees has an important role in community with 85.000 inhabitants. The "G.T. Kirileanu" Neamt County Public Library co-ordinates the activity of the public libraries of our county and furthers the Piatra-Neamt Municipality and Neamt county inhabitants interests in reading, study, information, education and recreation. The services provide undiscriminated access both to its own resources (collections and databases) and other sources of information accessible to it from the outside.


The "G.T. Kirileanu" Neamt County Public Library is aiming to continue the longlasting tradition in public reading (more than 130 years old). The actua history of our library begins in 1935 when returning in his native region, the scholar Gh. Teodorescu-Kirileanu materializes his desire of settling down in Piatra-Neamt together with his whole treasure of manuscripts, books and periodicals. The library officially became public in 1956, accordingly to the act of donation of 24-th February 1956, when G.T. Kirileanu founded in his house a documentary library for "opened mind people". Thanked to its owner's exemplary generosity, it was accessible to many readers interested in the cultural and historical past. After 1989 the County Public Library has been modernized and its spaces and services have been extended due to the decisions made by the local authorities.
Our library consists of a headquarter and 4 branches. The headquarter has:
Adult’s Book Department
The Children’ Books Department
Arts and Audiovisual Department
Study room for Books and Serial Publications
„G. T. Kirileanu” Special Collection
Community information Center
„Gheorghe Iacomi” Touristic Information Center
Children’ Theatre
Mărăţei Branch
Dărmăneşti Branch
Foreign Language Boook Branch
Orhei Branch - Republic of Moldova
This is a short introduction of our modern library which hosts about 270.000 items covering almost all human knowledge area and which enriches its collections permanently through aquisitions, subscriptions and donations.
The "G.T. Kirileanu" Neamt County Public Library expresses its availabity of establishing collaborations and partnerships - on national and international level - with any similar or compatible organizations regarding their identity, mission, strategies and programmes. We already took part of projects in co-operation with: National Library for Children „Ion Creanga”, Chisinau, Moldova Republic, IREX Romania in Biblionet Programme frame and USAID and Peace Corps.

Description of proposed activity or project

We are interested in all types of projects for youth, adults. We are also interested in developing other new services in library and to build a bridge of new partnerships.
Our library want to start new co-operations with libraries through study visits.
Other intrests are: Scandinavian Digital Libraries, importance of books in promoting reading among the children, meeting writers.

Type of partner/expertise sought

Library, NGO
Guidance and instruction in digital competence, cultural competence, life long learning.

Type of expertise/competence offered

Cultural competence, information literacy, life long learning.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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