The Norwegian Society of Composers


The Norwegian Society of Composers founded in 1917 is a union of professional composers dedicated to promoting its members' music and securing their rights. As of today the society has 142 members; the Board is chaired by composer Asbj�rn Schaathun.
The Norwegian Society of composers works towards creating opportunities for the dissemination of contemporary music and towards increasing public awareness of this art form. Contemporary music is promoted via several channels, of which the Society�s record label Aurora is one of the most important.
The Society negotiates on behalf of its members in matters concerning remuneration and performing rights. The Society acts in an advisory capacity to the Department of Culture in cultural-political matters, and is represented on several boards and committees.
The Norwegian Society of Composers offers legal, financial and practical aid to its members, and provides general information for the public.
In November 2002 the Norwegian Society of Composers arranged the MAGMA2002BERLIN festival, the most ambitious version of the Nordic Music Days to date. More than 500 musicians participated, and the 30 or so concerts drew a total audience of 10000. The MAGMA idea was followed up by the Pr�sences festival in Paris 2004, presenting a programme featuring composers and performers from the Nordic countries.

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