Brăila Municipality

Brăila Municipality functions under the principles of decentralisation, local autonomy, legality and consulting the citizens in solving the problems of local interest.


According to Romanian policy, Law No. 215/23.04.2001, republished, regulates the general regime of local autonomy, as well as the organization and functioning of the local public administration. Under the authority of Brăila Municipality, the Department of Development Strategies, Programmes and Projects. International Relations (DDSPPIR) has a project portfolio consisting in 43 applications: 23 finalized projects, 8 projects in implementation, 7 projects in evaluation and 5 projects in store. The projects focus upon the rehabilitation, modernization and expansion of the road and public utilities infrastructure, the educational infrastructure, the social services infrastructure and the health services infrastructure targeting local and regional development.

Type of partner/expertise sought

The project would benefit from the expertise of a municipality, a non-governmental/non-profit organization or association in Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein activating in the field of regional and local development. The partner would assist us in: analysis and elaboration of reports and studies; administrative capacity building; short-term training; organisation of seminars on common interest themes; technical cooperation; study visits. The partnership will be advantageous for collaboration, sharing of experience, transfer of knowledge and good practices.

Type of expertise/competence offered

Brăila Municipality functions on the grounds of the principles of local autonomy, decentralization of public services, eligibility of the local public administration authorities, legality and consultation of the citizens in solving the local matters. The Department of Development Strategies, Programmes and Projects. International Relations of Brăila Municipality is specialiazed in the identification, development and implementation of local development projects with the setting of strategic objectives and the elaboration of the technical and economic documentation.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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