United International of the Romanian Artists

UIAR is an arts, artists in needs and social service non-profit org,.established in 1995. UIAR projects, cultural exchange with other EU countries, exhibitions, arts workshops, volunteering education programmes, artists in needs creation support, etc.,

Type of partner/expertise sought

UIAR targets towards cooperation with partners and
wants exchange, sharing and transfer of knowledge technology, experience and best practice. Study tours, onsultancies, preparatory activities in the programming phase, setting the ground for future cooperation in programme and projects.
Also UIAR is looking for org. capacity building as the process of strenghening its funding to increase its effectiveness and social impact and achive its goals.
Capacity building of our org. looks at leadership, adaptive management and operational capacity: mission, vision, goals, strategy, structure, human resources, diversity culture, education, comunication, advocacy, monitoring, network and evaluation.

Type of expertise/competence offered

UIAR its offering a field of projects work, helping those artists and people in needs, sharing with its partners, the projects benefits and facilities.

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