Social Innovation Agency - Caixa de Mitos

A Social Innovation Agency specialized in partnerships and networks in local development, social and inclusive entrepreneurship, non-formal adult education and social media


Caixa de Mitos is a structure specialized in the design, the management and the animation of projects related to local development, social entrepreneurship, skills assessment and adult education, using innovative methodologies for this purpose and carrying out programs such as ProjectWorkshops, Circles of Communities Learners and the Marigold of Participation Promotes communication strategies and involvement of local people who seek an effective stimulation of the territories and the empowerment of the beneficiaries of the actions. In that way streamlines Social Network Reporters and Theater troupes for Inclusion.
CdM is a small organization with fewer than 10 employees that has a Department of 32 outside experts in communication Marketing, Education, Sociology, Psychology and Andragogy.
CdM integrates several national organizations and movements and especially FECBOP and Eur – Alpha an Europeans Network for Alphabetization and Literacy

Type of partner/expertise sought

Innovation and creative approach to sustainable development
Collaborative vision of local development
Non- formal education connected with Active Citizenship and empowerment
Networking and Communities of Practice

Type of expertise/competence offered

Social (Non-formal) Competencies Validation (Guidance for unemployed people).
Local and communitarian process to develop INCLUSIVE AND SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP
Rural local development. Local products and commercializatioN
Capacity building in NGO (marigold of Participation)

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