Regionalis Foundation

We are regional NGO which was founded in 2006 and is based in Kielce. Our mission is development of regions, especially our origin region and others in neighbourhood. We are interested in several ares, like education, entrepreneurship, networking, regional development, culture.


We have got experience in realisation of EU projects, especially ESF and Swiss Contribution and a lot of polish national grants. More of projects we did in partnership from our country and abroad. Our annual income is about 130 thousand EURO. We have got professional staff and experienced management. We are open-minded team looking for new possibilities to widen areas of our interests. We hope thanks to international partnership our organisation can develop, doing innovative and creative projects and implementing foreign solutions in education, CS, regional development and the others areas.

Our organisation is a one of the founder Fedration Knowlegde Forum. It is thematic cluster joining 25 members, NGOs, consulting agencies, iinovative companies and high schools from our region Swietokrzyskie (Sant Cross Mountains Region) and other parts of Poland. We'd like to internationalize our cluster thanks to cooperation with foreign partners.

Type of partner/expertise sought

NGOs, netoworks, companies, clusters.

Type of expertise/competence offered

We offer our experience in networking, bulding clusters, realisations of EU projects like ESF and Swiss Contribution, expertise about regional development, smart specialities, clustering, building of intersectoral partnerships, and different evaluation.

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