Association for the Dignity of Human Life - Humane Vitae

Association for the Dignity of Human Life ‘Humane Vitae’ was founded in 2012 by nurses, psychological therapists, speech therapists, school teachers, and a university professor. It is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, working for the equality of all people that may be excluded from the society or be at the risk of exclusion from social welfare because of their age, health condition, disability, mental illness, social status, poverty or race. Our mission is to initiate and undertake any social action (health promotion, care and education) which aims to improve the living conditions of every human being at all stages of their life.

Type of partner/expertise sought

Search of similar institutions that we can exchange expertise, knowledge and create programs for social integration

Type of expertise/competence offered

highly qualified, experienced medical institution and social care personnel

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