MITA ONG is dedicated to the development, promotion and support of entrepreneurship in social exclusion for adults; especially, migrants and women.


We are an NGO based in Spain dedicate to the development, promotion and support of entrepreneurship and business consult and development of the SMEs.
We start 15 years ago with the support of business creation by immigrants, for us, the self-employment is the best tool for a social and labor integration. Since 7 years we work with different collectives, (Young entrepreneurs, empowerment of women through their own business, innovation entrepreneurship mans social entrepreneurships) we provide business consult to SMEs for internalization of businesses, consult and risk assessment.
Our Main Activities are:
1) Provide entrepreneurship education: promoting fresh ideas and encouraging creativity and open communication and conducting IT and innovation relates research activities.
2) Conducting information and awareness. Raising campaigns for the entrepreneurs regarding our business support services, entrepreneurship and other themes related to the business development
3) Promoting, developing and implementing micro-credit support program on behalf of entrepreneurs.
4) Advocacy and networking at the national and European level to lobby on behalf of entrepreneurs.
5) Conduct researches regarding entrepreneurship. (problematic, marketing research, development of SMEs, green entrepreneurship)
6) Helping existing businesses to grow and innovate. We have an special program 4 years now helping to SMEs form Spain to develop and growt

Description of proposed activity or project

The general aim of the activities of the project is to create synergies between partner institutions but in a wider context to support women under risk of social exclusion to take part in social and economic life via entrepreneur education. During the Project, we aim to increase the quality of the adult education provided by partner institutions in order to increase women entrepreneurship

Type of partner/expertise sought

We are looking a partner for a non- profit or non- governmental women organizations working in the field of promoting entrepreneurship from Noruega, Island or Liechtenstein.

Type of expertise/competence offered

Social aspects, Education, Training, Employment issues, Evaluation, Coordination, Cooperation, Business aspects, Research ethics, Career Management, Entrepreneurship Development, Social Inclusion, International Cooperation, Project Cycle Management, Local Development , Social Research, Social Enterprise ,Immigration ,impact of the global crisis at the local level, consultancy.

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