International Organization for Democracy and Human Rights IODHR - Norway

Promote the concepts of international conventions by creating practical projects, especially those relating to auto determination, of guarantying privileges, protection of minorities, the rights of children and women, to slavery and similar practices, the rights of the revoked people or of those who are in prison, protection against torture and other inhuman treatment, the right to peace and privacy, the rights of people with disabilities, to also advocate for the prevention of war crimes and crimes against humanity and of genocide, develop concepts of international law of humanitarianism and to pursue implementation of what was discussed at the meetings but also in the corporations of the United Nations.


Is to undertake differentiated measures to assist disadvantaged persons or persons in extreme situations especially children, teenagers and young people in such situations. It will also pursue to support disadvantaged communities (poor communities, minorities, unemployed, disabled people, young graduates of educational forms, institutionalized children, elders and homeless children) as well as promotion of both the cultural, scientific and sports values,aiming to align the values, standards, spirituality and traditions of European culture.

Type of partner/expertise sought

IODHR - Norwayeste an NGO with experience in organizing cultural events, project management and training in technology. It also has experience in implementing and developing projects in different areas.
We are a team whose members gathered in-depth level of experience with the management and policies related to the EU and Norway, both study abroad and internships in the most prestigious institutions.

Type of expertise/competence offered

Develop programs for youth: internships, courses, competitions, exhibitions, symposia, seminars, round tables, specific voluntary actions, camps and tours.
- IODHR-Norway: Project management skills in particular for EU-funded projects; experienced trainers in project-related areas;
- Track record of work with youth including art students; contacts with relevant bodies & artists; expertize in organizing events, promotion, communication;
- Thorough knowledge and understanding of specific minority needs and resources; contacts with minority artists and other categories.

- Project Management
- Entrepreneurial management
- Communication on European issues
- Networking and partnerships
- Implementation of projects

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