BAIRROS - Local Development Network-Mouraria

BAIRROS promotes the ongoing exchange of resources within the 3rd sector through 3 mains components: 1) Support to the 3rd sector, 2) Social innovation, 3) Social business incubation hub.


BAIRROS is an active network of Organisations and Individuals from the central Mouraria neighbourhood of Lisbon, Portugal. Its main aims are to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants and reduce the existing social exclusion.
Born in 2012, within the local authority Community Development Program of the Mouraria neighbourhood (PDCM), BAIRROS seeks to maximize the activities of its members, as well as those from other local actors, through Capacity Building and Innovation Processes that promote the exchange of good practices, the stimulation of the resources of the territory, and the building of new synergies.
Though its main target is locally based, BAIRROS also aims towards national and international experiences through the promotion of new partnerships in favour of the exchange of Know-How and processes of Local and Community Development.

Description of proposed activity or project

BAIRROS being a Social Network of Organizations and Individuals acting in the 3rd sector, our activities and projects seek to act directly and directly towards the population to improve their quality of life through various actions, indirectly through NGO Capacity Building, Social Innovation, Support for the 3rd sector and directly through International Mobility
BAIRROS has been and is currently part of various projects:
- ProDev, Euopean funded QREN project, led by the Municipality of Lisbon Portugal. Implementation of the PDCM, the Community-based Development Program of the Mouraria, in 2010 and still on, for Capacity building of NGOs and Individuals: Project conception and implementation from A to Z, 30 organizations.
This national project won the Orçamento Participativo of Lisbon in 2011 (Municipality Call for Social proposals).
- ProAct, European Lifelong learning Project, promoted by IFAID (France), ongoing since 2012: for Capacity building of NGOs coordinators and European collectivities. 5 partners: France (5 organizations), Portugal (15 organizations), Check Republic (5 organizations), Germany (5 organizations), Italy (5 organizations), linked to the PDCM ongoing actions.
- CIM project, Center of Innovation of Mouraria: Creation and Development of a Hub of Social enterprises in the territory. It is in implementation.
This national project won the Orçamento Participativo of Lisbon in 2012 (Municipality Call for Social proposals).
- Casa da Mobilidade da Mouraria Project, an independant project that has been recently attached to Bairros actions: for the Promotion and the Development of Non formal and Professional Mobility on the Mouraria territory, for Individuals and Social actors.
This national project won the Orçamento Participativo of Lisbon in 2012 (Municipality Call for Social proposals).
- BAIRROS already received 5 Leonardo da Vinci interns since 2011.

Type of partner/expertise sought

We seek Partners willing as we are to promote Local and Community-based Development, Sustainability, Capacity Building, Social innovation, Professional and Vocational International Mobility, as well as, due to the variety of organisations in our network, actions and projects promoting Multiculturalism, Youth actions and Sports, Civic Rights, Anti-Discrimination, Social Inclusion, Employability and Health.

Type of expertise/competence offered

We can offer: Capacity Building, Consultancy, Mentoring, European projects Elaboration, Organisation of Workshops/Open spaces/ Conferences, TIC sharing, Professional and Educational International Mobility.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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