Polish Institute of Economic Studies

Polish Institute of Economic Studies increases awareness of society, decision-makers and opinion leaders in fields of economics and law by education, opinions, issuance of expertise and inspiring law projects. Contributes shaping modern citizenship, creating good economic and legal solutions and building a sense of responsibility for created law.


Polish Institute of Economic Studies is non-govermental analytical and research center seeking to increase the awareness of the society, opinion leaders and decision makers in the field of economic and legal knowledge.

The Institute purposes promoting public debate based on knowledge by research, inspiring law projects contributing good legal and economic solutions, organizing social campaigns and implementing civic education programs. The Institute seeks to stimulate citizenship attitude among society and responsibility for the formed law among law-makers.

PIMG bases its activities on the knowledge of co-working experts in fields of economics and law obtaining independent expertises about current economics issues and exchanges ideas with other think tanks in the country and abroad.

Type of partner/expertise sought

PIMG seeks organizations interested in public participation issues - law implementation or everyday practice - and in the field of research. The Foundation is looking for the partner who can focus on Norwegian system of public hearings and give an advice how to implement best results in Poland. PIMG is interested in cooperation with partners on the project of mandatory public hearings in Poland.

Type of expertise/competence offered

PIMG cooperates with experts in the field of law and economics with practical experience. Thus PIMG is able to prepare expertise in wide spectrum of issues concerning these fields. The Institute also aims to make Polish lawmaking system more transparent and open for civil participation.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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