Roots Research Center, supports adult adopted people of Greek origins to find their biological family ( roots), aims the transition of children from residential care to family based in the community, Deinstitutalization for the best interest of the Child. We do awareness on Foster care and training to fostercarers.


Roots Research Center is a small ngo working over 15 years, on the field of adoption research and adult adoptees, childrens rights, transition of children who live in residential care to the community base care, fostercare. Our team consist of three psychologists, a social worker and numerous of experts on childrens rights with good knowledge of the adoption triad. Our aim is deinstitutalization. We are members of network and IFCO, international foster care association. We have experiance on EU projects being partners to very important projects through Europe.

Type of partner/expertise sought

NGOs , educational institutions in order to unite our aims, power, capacity, ability and knowledge on childrens rights, deinstitutalization and transition from institutional care to community based care.

Type of expertise/competence offered

Our team is working on the field of childrens rights, has been trained by experts on childrens rights at EU level, is in good contact with them and in one way they are our constant consultans and partners on projects and activities when needed.
Roots Research Center has a very good knowledge on adoption and family search matters and can be a great help to other ngos with residencial care themes, family reunification and conseling.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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