Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

MCF is a non-profit making foundation that engages in the study, support and promotion of the Performing Arts and Culture in general


Michael Cacoyannis (1921, June 11 - 2011, July 25) set up the non-profit foundation Michael Cacoyannis Foundation in 2003. His ambition was the creation of a modern cultural institution with its own distinctive identity, which would engage in the study, support and promotion of the Performing Arts, particularly Theatre and Cinema. It would embrace modern technology and develop new ideas, breaking new ground without ever compromising the principles of artistic integrity to which Michael Cacoyannis himself had been faithful throughout his career.

In 2009, the MCF’s Cultural Centre opened it’s gates and since March 2010 and it’s official opening, it has been recognized as “the livlιest foundation” (as the press noted) in Athens. Every new season MCF presents an increasingly rich program of events.

The structure of the MCF program remains loyal to the principles that Michael
Cacoyannis, Founder and first Chairman, had set from the beginning. Ever since its establishment, MCF aimed to become a contemporary medium for artistic creation and a meeting point for Arts and society, a place with its gates always open and full of activity and life. Michael Cacoyannis Foundation -after 4 years of operation- has evolved into an arc for the emergence of the classical values of our cultural heritage. At the same time, MCF has been recognized as a place where classical values, new ideas and creative visions are blended together.

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Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

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