Siret-Prut-Nistru Euroregion Association

Siret-Prut-Nistru Euroregion Association aims to extend and improve relations between communities and local authorities in the economic, educational, cultural, scientific and sports and ensuring sustainable development of the region in terms of alignment with European standards.


Siret-Prut-Nistru Euroregion Association gathers 23 district councils from Republic of Moldova and 2 county councils from Romania (Iași and Vaslui) and was established as Romanian juridical person in 2005 with headquarters in Iași.
The mission of the Association enrolls in the Convergence Objective of the European Union, indicating that it aims, in this case, a cross-border level (with two local administrations from the European Union and 23 local administrations from outside the European Union).
Activities and projects of the Association cover various fields of interest from economy, infrastructure, environment, tourism, agriculture and rural development, human resource development and social services, to education, informational society and culture, according to the development strategy of local administrations.
The founders of the Association are Iaşi and Vaslui Counties from Romania and 18 districts from Republic of Moldova: Ialoveni Noi, Basarabeasca, Calarasi, Cimislia, Criuleni, Dubosari, Floresti, Hânceşti, Leova, Nisporeni, Orhei , Rezina, Şoldăneşti, Soroca, Străşeni, Teleneşti, Ungheni.
Currently, the Association has 29 full members, extending its area by joining Prahova County from Romania and the Districts Căuşeni, Ştefan-Vodă, Făleşti, Sîngerei, Glodeni, Drochia, Rîşcani from Republic of Moldova.

Type of partner/expertise sought

In order to access a grant within the program Promotion of diversity in culture and arts within European cultural heritage, Siret-Prut-Nistru Euroregion Association is looking for partners that have experience in cultural domain and are interested in the development of cultural projects with associations from Romania and Republic of Moldova. The association intends to work with its partners in designing and developing the multiethnic festival and it will be great if the partner from Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein could ensure the participation of 5 young people in the organization of cultural activities. Our intention is to involve 5 youngsters from Norway/ Iceland/ Lichtenstein- who are curious to find out more about Romania/Republic of Moldova and are interested in the subject of culture and diversity - to participate in the organization of the festival. Moreover, during the festival, the 5 younsters will promote their own culture in the various activities organized during the festival. The accomodation and the trip to Romania will be covered and we intend this exchange to last for a month.

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