Leading Greek specialist charity, operating a long-term residence unit offering an array of high standard certified services to children and adults with special needs. Our services are delivered in-house by a multidisciplinary specialist team of professionals.


HARA seeks funding for the “Support Program” The Hara Centre for Individuals with Special Needs is one of very few institutions of its kind in Greece. For 30 years now it has been providing its services to people with special needs who cannot look after themselves, and is currently caring for 57 children and adults. The children who are accommodated at the centre are severely mentally challenged, which makes it necessary to provide them with special living conditions.

Type of partner/expertise sought

Organisations with a similar mission, focused to specific population that we care for, preferably with a tradition in providing therapy/rehabilitation/primary care services to the disabled (or to people with special needs/people with mental health problems) through a wide array of quality and innovative services. Private/mutual benefit organizations/NGO’s that operate specialist centres, nurseries, day care units, long-term residences, protected homes etc.

Type of expertise/competence offered

• High standard certified quality welfare/ care/rehabilitation services offered in–house through our specialist Unit (long-term residence for people with special needs, people with multiple disabilities, people with severe mental health problems).
• Networking and policy development (policies relating to the rights of people with disabilities)
• Scientific know-how developed through our operating clinical experience of over 30 years

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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