The goal of the Viam is searching path toward empowerment and social change.


Viam, Institute for educational and social activities has been established in the November 2011.
Our activities:
- Providing safe, friendly and stimulating place for women
- Providing holistic psychosocial support
- Providing educational workshops
- Creating a network of organizations
- Rising awareness among community
The Values of Viam are:
- Empowerment of women, the process that represents the expansion of ability to make life choices. Empower means enlarge power and create more opportunities.
- Knowledge: with the knowledge we are opening doors to a better, safer, more quality life for women.
- Respect: everyone have right to be treated with respect and dignity.
- Partnership: all society must work together to bring positive change to society.
- Ecology and Sustainability: our operation is in accordance with the principles of ecology and sustainable development.

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