Metis Global Awareness Network

METIS Global Awareness Network NGO Accredited Observer to UNFCCC; integrating Modern Societal Priorities to enhance Sustainable development paradigm


Web portal Global Climate Change Crisis & Sustainability Panorama Memberships: CC:iNet GCCA World Environmental Education Friendly Favors Eco-community IASO Volos Barter System TEM Network Metis what we are, we do, we search for Roadmap to Sustainability facilitator Sustainable Future Eco Landmarks Sustainable Homelands - 7-step reset tool FINAL.pdf organizational learning tool. Metis ‘Albatros Munici¬pa¬lity dyna¬mic training: for intense candidates training based of new thinking tools; fellowship application to Ashoka Foundation on social entrepreneurship.

Type of partner/expertise sought

Norway’s part Contributing networking experience within regions; social innovation (Participatory Democracy; Diversity tolerance & Multicultural understanding material. Iceland’s part: Capacity building; story-telling; Social exclusion & poverty material. Lichtenstein’s part (no data). During 1st visit in Greece partners form multinational, flexible & creative task force to produce innovative results; a realistic time¬line and appropriate budget are designed.

Type of expertise/competence offered

Proposal on steps to follow: Coordination management; Proposal development based on Modern Societal priorities Metis unique expertise; ‘Storyteller of the Future’ knowhow multicultural group development & production; Thessaly NGOs trainers Workshop Coordination local management. ‘Pericles’ Participatory Democracy System adaptation & updating; Thessaly NGOs actual situation & perspectives mapping; Workshop activities spatial dispersion

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