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Partners Kyustendil Association works in local and international projects for disadvantaged people, youth, volontiers, madiation and cultural projects


We are a small local association working on different topics and projects about youth development and cooperation, culture, volontiering, mediation. We realised many projects as lead institution- 1/ "Development of the Mediation Center in Kyustendil" for the period 01.10.2005 – 30.07.2007, financed by Partners Bulgaria Foundation and USAID 2/ Development of a Resource Center as part of the Child Trafficking Response Program for the period 01.11.05 – 01.04.08, financed by Partners Bulgaria Foundation 3/ "With Respect to Alives and Dead" for the period of 15.10.08 - 15.04.09, financed by Eco-Society Community. Partner role after 5 educational projects after the Lifelong Learning Programme in a partnership with local and European schools and the Municipality of Kyustendil 4/ Youth workshop and 5/ Youth Balkan synthesis financed by EU funds.
In 2006 the Association established a folklore dance school and Dance formation that has been developing very successfully. There are more than 60 dancers involved in it aging between 14 and 60 and it has already won several awards at national and international festivals. It has realised local projects in the area of culture and historical heritage with Kyustendil Municipality, Kyustendil Dramatic Theater and Kyustendil Regional History Museum. Furthermore, the organisation participates actively in the traditional regional feasts and we were awarded with prize "Golden Seal" by the Kyustendil Municipality for actively participaiting in the local cultural life for five consecutive years.

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Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

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