Tecnova is an Andalusian Technological Center of Agricultural Industry. It is constituted as a private non-profit Foundation and integrates 120 companies, organizations and institutions belonging to the industry and many other services for agriculture. Tecnova carries out R&D and implementation in Agrofood and Agricultural field


Research Areas

New agro-industrial designs: The importance of greenhouse structures and other protective structures necessary for agriculture is reflected in this research center, where existing structures are optimized and new designs that allows to diversify the economic activity of the related companies are proposed.
The aim of this area is to apply the modeling and industrial design techniques to the agricultural business and auxiliary structures: design and optimization of structures associated with agricultural activity, aided design, modeling of loading conditions, testing of material strength, study and calculation of elements and structural assemblies.

This line try to apply modelling techniques industrial design to agro industry and auxiliary structure: Design optimization and structures associated to agricultural activities assisted design, modeling of charge conditions, assays of material resistance, study and calculations of elements structural sets.

Renewable energy and sustainability: The objective of this area is to improve the environmental integration and utilization of resources of the activities of the Agriculture Industry. It aims at reducing the environmental impact of intensive farming and it also works on environmental management, technical valorization of waste products and subproducts, technological innovation for the improvement of energy systems, cost reduction and improvement by the use of renewable energies, environmental solutions of the sector, increased energy efficiency.

This line aims to better integrate environmental and resource utilization of the activities of the Industry of Agriculture. It works to reduce the environmental impact of intensive farming, environmental management, waste recovery and technical products, technology innovation to improve energy systems, cost reduction and improved by the use of renewable energy, environmental solutions of sector, increasing energy efficiency.

New agrofood products: Market trends in quality and food safety require us to work on the R&D to increase the added value of horticultural products minimally processed (ready to eat).NIRs Technology: The introduction of non-destructive analysis techniques in the food industry involves low-cost quality control (taste, color, maturity, control of defects, absence of residues) traceability and automated. Tecnova is researching on this technique that has a great impact on the horticultural sector by promoting an advanced marketing and added high value.

Mechanical and robotic agro-industry: This area seeks to address one of the great challenges of the agro-industry sector: the professionalization and development applied, since it is necessary to apply engineering, design and robotics to improve the competitiveness of the sector. Therefore we aim to assist the transformation and development of family businesses and low tech into a globalized market.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

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