Fondation - Center of community projects and creative activities

Non-government organisation from Bulgaria.


The main objectives of the Bulgarian Center of community projects and creative activities /NGO/ are:
1. Development and encouragement of European values in civil society as such promotion of information related to the process of accession to the EU
2 . Development and implementation of innovative and result based educational programs for people of different ages and different social status .
3. Solidarity, equality and social inclusion. Tolerance and support for weaker. Volunteering practices.
4. Youth activities for competitiveness and growth.
5. Sustainable development and resource support for social activity and growth.

Type of partner/expertise sought

Our team is interested in established coalitions and partnerships, research activities and study, share practices and strategies in promoting common goals and objectives. We need of strategies and tips to enhance our institutional level. Excited by innovative practices to introduce the skills, knowledge, methods of assisting socially backward groups. Concerning the expertise sought, CCPCA would like to cooperate with Organizations/ institutions with experience in the above mentioned areas (social inclussion, empowerment of vulnarable groups, democratic civil society, innovative educational and culture know-how )
In our quest to work in the application and realization of European projects and grant programs we would like to work with bilateral partners in the whole process of development of the project.

Type of expertise/competence offered

With experiential based on our long work in public and private sector, creative based approach we continue our outgoing expertise in developing and realizing of projects fulfilled our social oriented goals.
We are focused in strategies and plans for community development – researching innovative practices and initiated them in our work and community groups. We have knowledge in effective communication with local formal and informal public , private organizations and institutions. Also we have a long experience in organization of conferences, seminars, training courses, webinars and forums with local and foreign participation. All we have been took part in humanity and voluntarily projects.
Our team is highly motivated in realizing of effective partnership with organizations and institutions in the region, the country and abroad, participation in partnership networks. We are strongly oriented in results based management of projects and activities.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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