Foundation Pulse fights a lot of battles, main subjects of which are non-violence and HIV/STD Prevention with various target groups.


The priority of PULSE Foundation is to create and affirm effective regional care programs for children, adolescents, adults and their families who have suffered or are at risk of violence. The service offers two types of activities- prevention and rehabilitation. The first one refers to the existing attitudinal and institutional biases in cases of domestic violence and child abuse, and adopts an educational approach and planning for community facilities; The second one refers to identified cases of violence and adopts an individual and family approach. We consider the importance of providing crisis help in cases of acute violence before providing any family or individual care and treatment of trauma. In this connection, in 2008 PULSE opened a Crisis unit for emergency accommodation of clients after experiencing violence, and a protected home for a longer-term accommodation for clients on the way to change their life situation. An emphasize in our work is providing legal consultations and defence. We would like to facilitate the effective application of the Child Protection Act, the Domestic Violence Act and the Law Against Human Trafficking in Bulgaria.

Presently, PULSE Foundation executes the following programmes:

- Psychosocial care for people, who had suffered domestic or sexual violence, and human trafficking;
- Psychosocial care for children and adolescents, victims of violence;
- Family support programme;
- Violence prevention through informal education and training in special skills;
- Training programme for professionals from other institutions working with victims of violence;
- Legal protection of victims of violence;
- Crisis center for victims of violence;
- Youth Club "2BFriends" - youth program for volunteering, development of civic skills, zero tolerance to violence, youth mediation and peer-to-peer education;
- Prevention of HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis
- Drop-in center

Type of expertise/competence offered

A professional team of psychologists and social workers working with clients in the fields of Non-violence, Anti-Human Trafficking and HIV/STD prevention among intravenous drug users /by consulting and SEP/.
Well-established crisis center for victims of domestic violence and traffic.
2 youth clubs, consisting of youth from 14 to 27 non-formaly learning about problems like discrimination, human traffic, causes of unsafe sex, outreach work, violence prevention among youth at risk and more.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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