Anthropolis Anthropological Public Benefit Association

Anthropolis Anthropological Public Benefit Association was founded by cultural anthropologists in 2002. The association published the first anthropological periodical in Hungary (anthro p o l i s); produces documentaries on Hungarian minorities, migrants and on the MDGs in East Africa; organizes media campaigns and awareness-raising festivals on global issues; and initiated a news portal on development.


In recent years, Anthropolis has become one of the most active Hungarian NGOs in global education/global learning. The association founded the first Hungarian Development Education Resource Center and published lecture books for elementary and secondary school students. Anthropolis regularly organizes roundtable discussions between global education stakeholders. The organization is also active in peace education; during the project “Global Education through Sport” Anthropolis organized the world’s first rugby match between an Israeli and a Palestinian team.

Type of partner/expertise sought

For the best implementation of the project calls proposed above, we need abroad partners from Norway, Liechtenstein or Iceland who have expertise in the field of human rights, social inclusion, work with vulnerable groups, slavery, anti-discrimination.

If you are interested in becoming our partner, please reply to us as soon as possible. If you not interested, please forward this request to any NGOs that you think might be interested.

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