Kaunas Women Employment Information Centre

Women’s Employment Information Centre is a nongovernmental organization, working with women and for women. Our mission is to improve the status of women in Lithuania, solving their employment, business creation and development problems, training women leaders, as well as influencing public opinion on gender equality issues.


We work in THE FIELD OF SOCIAL ECONOMY (promotion of women entrepreneurship; promotion of entrepreneurship in rural areas; organising idea and trade Fairs);
in THE FIELD OF HUMAN RIGHTS (Women human rights advocates training; publications and educational campaigns; etc.)
in THE FIELD OF GROWN-UPS' EMPLOYMENT AND EDUCATION (Job employment agency; seminars and courses - psychological rehabilitation, English language courses, Accountancy courses, Computer literacy courses ( beginners and advanced), Courses of electronic commerce, Internet courses, Courses for caregivers, Preliminary courses for nurses; consulting of unemployed women, etc.)

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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