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IQ Roma Service is a non-profit non-governmental organization, which was established in 1997. According to our mission “To be an intermediary who: supports possibilities, opportunities and resolutions for Roma on their way toward individual growth and social fulfillment, and who protects their rights and dignity within greater society” the organization focuses on Roma people, especially socially excluded Roma and Roma threatened with social exclusion. IQRS is a professional organization, a trustworthy, nationally appreciated and awarded partner for clients as well as for citizens and public administration, providing 4 accredited services in accordance with Social Law. Quality of our work with Roma has been recognized many times by independent expert committees (The National Award for Career Counselling, The Quality Social Care Prize etc.). In 2013 we became the winners of a national contest “NGO of the Year” in the “large NGO” category.


Services and programs offered are comprehensive, taking all age groups into consideration and include:

• Program For Families with Children (including: case management, work with pre-school children and their parents, pre-school club etc.)

• Program For Youth (including: educational activities and motivational programs for children 6-26 years old, such as: IT courses, English lessons, job clubs, school counselling, EEG biofeedback lessons, drama lessons; free time activities and clubs - cooperation with schools and other institutions)

• Program For Adults (including: community and field social work and social and legal counselling for adults/15+ in the areas of un/employment, housing, anti/discrimination, commercial indebtedness, family relations, social security etc.)

• Program For Society (Ethnic friendly Employer Brand, campaigns and civic involvement, system-changing work, international cooperation, offers of professional training for relevant stakeholders – NGOs, schools, public administration bodies).

Specific character of our work is based on interconnection with other relevant actors. We are focused not only on processes (it means quality provision of our services directly for Roma people, complex work with families and empowerment of our Roma clients, especially young Roma generations) but also on their system impacts (results – effect of services, based on active cooperation with public administration, local self-government, schools, employers, legislators etc.).

Type of partner/expertise sought

We search for partners from Norway, Lichtenstein and Iceland that are especially experienced in work:

• with ethnic minorities, especially with the expertize of work with the families in order to prevent institutional child custody
• with minority children/youth and their empowerment in educational system
• with volunteers/mentors
• hate speech actions
....and other areas covering the themes above

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