Cultural organization of human rights defense specialized in training European opinion leaders through cultural projects and international trainings.


Our mission is the community development through the promotion of democracy values by involving, training and promoting citizens with vocation in civic interest domains. Our main objectives are to defend human rights, fight against discrimination, promote authentic cultural and artistic values. Kasta Morrely is recognized as an international authority in the creative industries through legitimizing for the first time in the world the occupations of Model and Events organizer as professions recognized by the State and the creation of the new artistic genre Fashion Theatre. Kasta Morrely is example of good practice organization of the European Commission for 2012 and 2013 international training projects.

Description of proposed activity or project

Exchange project in performing and fashion arts consisting of stage performances, workshops and seminars with a focus on cultural and traditional inheritances. Bringing artists from Romania to Norway and from Norway to Romania and let them perform in festivals, projects. Partners cultural organizations/operators and Kasta Morrely meet each other and produce together festivals, projects, tours etc.

Type of partner/expertise sought

We are looking for organizations or institutions that are active in any areas of this program and partners who are especially active the field of culture and performing arts, folk dance and music, tradition preservation and promotion, that are able to bring in Romania a group/ensemble of people to present publicly representations of fashion folklore (can bring own traditional clothes), music and dances that illustrate their cultural heritage (even by using an innovative approach) with their own artist or with trainer/teachers that can provide teaching experience to Romanian artist for performing their folklore.

Type of expertise/competence offered

Within Kasta Morrely Board and organization there are qualified specialists in professions recognized at European level such as: professional competences evaluators, auditors of quality, event organizers, socio-educative animators, trainer of trainers, project managers, psychologists, master of ceremonies, manager of the management system of security and health in labor, human resources inspector, professional society and folk dance trainers etc.

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