Arbitration and Mediation Chamber

Our aim is to promote education among adult people, to raise the awareness of human rights, solve human right issues for individuals and provide social services for disadvantaged people.


“Arbitration and Mediation Chamber” is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, based in the North-Eastern part of Romania, the city of Iasi.
Founded in 2009, the organization is focused mainly on three directions: one is to provide education for adults, the other is to offer social services and support for vulnerable social groups and another focus is on protection of human rights in Romania and abroad.
The activities of our organization include:
* founding European Center for Human Rights website adress:;
* organising projects with the aim of raising awareness of human rights and offering free consulting in human rights issues - we had a series of tv transmissions on a local network adressing human rights problems and we have inaugurated a free call-center were interested people can get support and information regarding their rights;
* dissemination of information about protection of human rights, civil rights, democracy, advantages and perspectives of mediation and arbitration in Romania;
* training courses for adults - mediation, arbitration, management, negociation, social skills.

Description of proposed activity or project

We are interested in developing programs for combating poverty through social structures and to promote projects for vulnerable social groups.
We are interested in developing our project regarding human rights on regional scale, focusing on dissemination of information about protection of human rights and offering consulting for individuals in human right issues.
We aim to promote ADR methods in Romania, as a matter of civil justice.
We are interested in bilateral projects concerning human rights, civil justice, social services.

Type of partner/expertise sought

We seek to cooperate with a partner with expertise in human rights advocacy, civil justice, social activities, social structures for combating poverty.

Type of expertise/competence offered

We are happy to share our expertise in the area of civil rights, ADR methods, ptotection of human rights.
Though we have little experience in providing social services, we strongly aim to take action in this area and to develop our social services background.
We are in position to support social projects, taking into consideration our strongly motivated team and most off all our financial stability.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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