“OASIS” Company Support for Addicted Persons from Alcohol - drugs - gaming civil non-profit company

“OASIS” was founded in 2002 by former dependents and their families and in its twelve-year run it has helped over 3500 people. “OASIS” operates on the principles of anonymity, collegiality, mutual support and volunteering, but also the belief that self-help emerges as a credible alternative solution having its key features in self-motivation and action, taking personal responsibility and breaking through passivity. It is an innovative attempt by Greek standards, since it is the sole support-system for dependencies that is founded and run by former addicts & co-dependents. The objectives of “OASIS” are: prevention of dependency, social re-integration, scientific research, awareness-mobilization of society, education, consultation, cooperation and networking with organizations for the development of relevant measures, promoting volunteerism.


“OASIS” was founded in 2002 by former dependents and their families and in its twelve-year run it has helped over 3500 people. “OASIS” operates on the principles of anonymity, collegiality, mutual support and volunteering,

• The prevention of dependency
• The social reintegration of ex-addicted persons.
• Scientific research and study of the phenomenon of dependence.
• The formulation of positions and proposals to the players to exercise power for the formulation of appropriate policies.
• Cooperation and networking with organizations that develop relevant measures.
• Awareness-mobilization of society.
• The establishment and operation of educational workshops.
• The promotion of volunteering.

• The therapeutic value of a child helping another child.
• Complete abstinence from all substances, including alcohol.
• The creation of a community where core members are released from the «I» and placed in the healing power of «WE».

• Reception and information for dependent and co-dependent people.
• Speeches, Debates and Therapy Laboratories of dependency counsellors, psychologists, sociologists, psychiatrist
• Self Help Groups and Addicted co-dependants(persons close environment of the dependant such as compassion in: parents, partners, children, siblings, friends, etc.)
• Meeting individual and group counselling to special therapists
• Production of multimedia (video, sound)
• Publications, papers
• Cultural events(music, visual arts, photography, projections)
• Celebrations
• Reading library
• Psychosocial and legal support
• Therapeutic exercise

• Information and education for addiction to:
- Media
- Public bodies
- Associations and Institutions
- Beauty treatment
• Awareness & Prevention addressing dependencies in cooperation with governmental and private agencies and with local authorities.
• Organization of events in educational and correctional institutions and youth gathering places.
Street actions for informative purposes.

Type of partner/expertise sought

For our proposed activity, we seek partners with expertise in transnational management and co-ordination.
Also, know-how on the fields that our activity proposes above, with special focus on: social- and work integration for addicts and young offenders (special focus on youth), methodological expertise in psychosocial care for vulnerable social groups, deployment of social- and work integration schemes.

Type of expertise/competence offered

OASIS is the only NGO operating in Northern Greece and the only one in the country operating as described above. Throughout its 12-year operation, over 3500 beneficiaries have been supported. Solidly measurable impact backed up by detailed documentation.
The Center deploys the 12-step method based on the A.A methodology.
Our expertise lies in peer to peer rehabilitation as well as the combination of psychosocial and legal support, medical and educational/vocational support “from rehab to social integration”.
Also, we have a long-standing track record in public and private partnership schemes with local self-governed organizations and Greek ministries.

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