The Association for Environmental Education Corinth (E.P.E.K.), non-profit organization, has the following purposes: • Consult, tracing the discovery, study, research, preservation, enhancement, promotion and protection of ecological and environmental values and resources of natural, cultural and architectural heritage of folk traditions, quality of life and antiques in Corinth and throughout the country. • The integration of vulnerable social groups, offering social services, tackle poverty, support employment, promotion of social economy, the development of primary health care population, promotion of arts, letters and sciences, protection of human rights. • The education and information aimed at raising public awareness on these issues. • The intervention in favor of such matters by any means.


Association for Environmental Education of Korinthia profile.

The Association for Environmental Education Korinthia continues the work of the Environmental Education Association Company Information Act and Corinth which ran from 1993 to 1998.
The activities are developed starting from 1992.
• 1992 as 1997 Establishment of informal Stymfalia Environmental Education Center, which hosted students and adults from Corinth and other parts of Greece and developed environmental education activities.
• Study of natural, historical and social characteristics of Stymfalia and Feneos and proposals for the protection and enhancement of natural and cultural heritage combined with the sustainable development of mountain regions. Some of these proposals used to establish the Northern Development Company Peloponnese under the LEADER 2, and the drafting of the Operational Program for the Environment of the EU
• Study the natural environment of Port Lechaiou in Ancient Corinth and proposals for the Establishment of archaeological and ecological park, which is already underway by the Prefecture of Corinth.
• 1996 Participation in the program «European environmental policy-environmental organizations-local government» organized at the national level by the Greek Biotope-Wetland Center - Goulandris Museum of Natural History and implemented in Stymfalia Feneou and with the cooperation of the Prefecture of Corinth, the Development Associations and Stymfalia and Feneos Corinth and E.P.E.K.
• Publication of posters and brochures to Stymfalia the Feneou and the Ancient Harbor Lechaiou.
• 1995 to 2001, «Festival of birds in Stymfalia» event of Birdlife International, which coordinates a national level, the Greek Ornithological Society.
• Monitor the status of wetlands, birds and all important areas for birds of the county in cooperation with the Hellenic Ornithological Society.
• Receipt and dispatch the Hellenic Wildlife Hospital of Aegina injured wild birds.
• 1994-2004 Proceedings of expression cleaning coastlines CLEAN-UP DAY in cooperation with the Youth Council Korinthia Prefecture, coordinated across the Mediterranean Legambiente.
1994-5 Conduct a walk cycle from Corinth as the Ancient Port Lechaiou
• 2001-02 Implementation of the European project «Youth-2-VOLUNTARY ACTION WORK» in which foreigners already hosted by the new EU and worked on the study and enhancement of the natural history area Acrocorinth-Ancient Harbor Lechaiou-Diolkos-Ancient Harbor Kenchreon. The program is coordinated by the Information Center Hosting and financially supported by the Municipality of Korinthos.
• 2003 Implementation of the project «AKROKORINTHOS 2003» of the Ministry ETERPS «Protecting the environment and sustainable development» of the natural heritage of antiquities of Corinth (flora-fauna)
• 2003 Corinth Mountaineering Association, 5th National Meeting of mountaineers and environmentalists on 29-30-31 August 2003 in Feneos
• 2006 Participation in the training of unemployed people in «the protection and management environment - recycling program managers organization-public awareness» AMACON of teachers for the practice of trainees 2004.
• 2004-5 Adoption of our proposal to the Ministry for funding from the programs of our project ETERPS «The Stymfalia fishes ».
• 2005-06 Action networking schools under the project «Recovery, recycling, alternative waste management, new business social economy for Roma», coordinates all of the Municipality of Corinth.
• 2006 «Cultural Journeys water» Collection, registration, registration of cultural elements, referred to water (visual arts, literature, poetry, fiction, architecture, history, music, ecology, landscape). Support in gathering all the recent data on the management of water (studies, maps, management suggestions, etc.)
• 2008 «Public awareness Society for archaeological-historical-environmental significance of the Ancient Port / State Lechaiou Corinth». Project of the Ministry of Employment
2011-12 Community service in Loutraki in cooperation with the Municipality of Loutraki. Funding from the European Social Fund.
• 2013 Community service in the Argolid, Corinthia, Arcadia in collaboration with the 25th Byzantine Antiquities. Funding from the European Social Fund.
• 2013 Partner of Heraclea Development Partnership to promote 60 unemployed to labor market from vulnerable social groups in the topic “management of organic waste to produce compost” by creating Social Cooperative Enterprise. Funding from the European Social Fund.
• 2014 Partner of AKOSIDA Development Partnership to promote 95 unemployed to labor market by creating Social Cooperative Enterprise. Funding from the European Social Fund.

Description of proposed activity or project

We are a local NGO in Korinth Peloponnese Greece (80 km west from Athens). We are supporting an group of Roma younsgters to form a club to enable them face an try to solve their own problems. There are two ROMA camps near the city of Korinthos where the basic problems are unemployment, criminality, drugs, lack of public care and education. There is no water, no sewage.
We are looking for partners in Norway to exchange ideas on these topics especially to “mobilize the minority population” and get funds in “We are all citizens” project.

Type of expertise/competence offered

Human resources supporting, social economy, environmental education

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