Beia Grid Institut

BEIA GRID INSTITUT is an innovative NGO actively involved in multi-disciplinary research projects at national and international level.


The main goal of BEIA GRID INSTITUT is to improve the participation in innovative multi-disciplinary projects by developing partnerships and supporting collaborative knowledge transfer.

Main actions:
A. organizing training courses , seminars , conferences , public debates , camps, summer schools ;
B. organizing public demonstrations and other activities to increase public awareness;
C. realization, editing and distribution of books, periodicals, pamphlets, posters, brochures, software and other informational materials ;
D. providing advice and counseling, and legal assistance of members of the Association in accordance with its purpose ;
E. activities regarding RDI (Research, Development, Innovation) ;
F. monitoring and support of public authorities through specific procedures of advocacy ;
G. develop their own programs and in partnership with public authorities in the country and abroad;
H. declaration and formulating actions, claims, complaints and defenses necessary to the competent courts of justice ;
I. running sponsorship / patronage activities;
j . development of direct economic activity to self-financing, consistent with the goals of the organization;

Description of proposed activity or project

Increasing awareness and education for usage of M2M (machine 2 machine) telemetry systems for environmental and biodiversity monitoring.

Type of partner/expertise sought

Environment and sustainable development

Type of expertise/competence offered

Experience in organizing meetings, conferences, study trips, visits, events.

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