Association of Community Development Consultants-ACDC

The ACDC association (Association of Community Development Consultants – ACDC) is a professional association, with cover at the national and international level and certified expertise in community development through the 33 founder members. The mission of the association is to promote community development through consulting activities in the field of key domains for sustainable development.


The Association's objectives aim at solving the problems that concern the community and the development of human resources through the elaboration, implementation and funding of specific programs: community development consulting activities, developing strategies for private structures & public authorities. The activities of the Association of Community Development Consultants are:
- implementing the projects in progress
- organizing training and mentoring for ICT users
- supporting and developing a computer network between 255 rural communities
- facilitating cross-border cooperation
- organizing national educational campaigns
- writing projects and applying for funding lines to support community development
The main beneficiaries of ACDC programs consist of 255 disadvantaged rural communities, which have previously received ICT infrastructure and assistance under a project funded by the World Bank in Romania. The project established Local Electronic Info Centers (telecentres) providing services to the citizens in rural areas in order to improve their knowledge & access to information.

Type of partner/expertise sought

We are looking for a Norwegian partner which can:
• organize a study visit for the Romanian professionals involved in the project for them to make a clear idea on how to conduct training and counseling for young people at risk
• to support the creation of concepts for new services based on community
• evaluate the new services created

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