Corporation for Succor and Care of Elderly and Disabled-FRODIZO

“FRODIZO” is a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization which deals with a variety of activities concerning the care, support, education and training of people that belong in vulnerable social groups and their trainers


Aim of the FRODIZO is the creation and collaboration in different social prone initiatives for the study, research, and promotion of relevant programs aiming to provide various opportunities for cultural development, education, and active participation for the organization’s target groups.
Another basic aim of FRODIZO corporation is the National and International collaboration in research and training activities for the education and proficiency of the carers, trainers and volunteers who are dealing with the social and care support of the people in need and of their families.
The target groups that FRODIZO focus on are:
• Socialy vulnerable groups
• Elderly people
• Individuals with serious problems of health
• Persons with disabilities

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