CEED ROMANIA is a nongovernmental, non-profit and apolitical organization. CEED ROMANIA is part of an international network of over 10 similar centers operating in South East Europe and other regions. Our goal is to foster social and economic growth through development of the SME sector, human capital development, community development and promotion of the social economy in Romania.


CEED Romania addresses various social categories - existing and potential entrepreneurs, managers, employees, people from urban and rural disadvantaged groups - who wish to advance their education through complex but practical training services, business counseling, mentoring, contacts to obtain financing and access to new markets. we also provide project development and project management services.

Type of partner/expertise sought

The partner NGO should have relevant expertize for the project, i.e. culture, intercultural dialogue, work with minorities, and good contacts with various cultural bodies and artists in the donor country.
Its expert(s) should be able to share best practices in this area, and co-organize exchange visits of Romanian artists in the donor country.
The partner NGO should be able and willing to participate in activities organized both in Romania and in the donor country and cost-share 10% of the costs incurred.

Type of expertise/competence offered

The Romanian partners have complementary skills & resources:
- CEED: Project management skills in particular for EU-funded projects; experienced trainers in project-related areas;
- Youth Forum: track record of work with youth including art students; contacts with relevant bodies & artists; expertize in organizing events, promotion, communication;
- Roma NGO: thorough knowledge and understanding of specific minority needs and resources; contacts with minority artists and other categories.

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