Based in Athens, DIODOS is a private legal association with nonprofit status, established in 2001 by greek experts in training and human resources development. Since then till date DIODOS is involved in activities enhancing the environmental and social dimension of sensitivity - at local and national - level and promoting social justice and sustainable development.


The main scope of our organisation/entity is:
* The Intercultural dialogue with emphasis to the environment development and sustainability
* Promote environmental awareness for social exclusion groups (also in relation to remote rural areas) on need and importance of green skills development
* Development of the local societies’ awareness with emphasis to the local sustainable economic development
* Support the implementation of environmental and nature conservation projects that contribute to the local subsistence employment for inactive and unemployed citizens.

Description of proposed activity or project

Project title Green Employment Pathways, (collection and elaboration of recycled garbage in the profit of disadvantaged groups)
Why is the project needed? It is needed because at the West region of Attica in Greece there are high rates of unemployment, and a large part of disadvantaged population including roma and immigrants mainly.

Most of them are occasionally working with garbage collection and recycling for living. Some others are involved in other “trash” activities. Their living standards are low.

Their experience in this sector could be the tool for the improvement of their resources and the re-accession to the labour market, resolving unemployment and social bullying attitudes.

They need a more consistent organization of structures for collecting, storing, recycling and trading garbage. This will be a procedure that at the same time will benefit to the environment since in collaboration with public authorities, they could participate to the organization of an advanced garbage division and prescheduled collection.
What is the objective of the project? The objective of the project is to contribute to the improvement of the sustainable development of the region, by reducing unemployment, enhancing commercial structures, improve personal skills and regain of personal self-esteem, protection of environment .

What is the project expected to achieve? The project will specifically focus on developing a local well-structured and equipped Waste Recycling Co-operative, (storing – recycling – trading activities), as well as private social businesses, public awareness campaigns, exchange of know how,.
How will the project address these challenges? A Waste Recycling Co-operative will be developed by the disadvantaged groups of the area, (immigrants / Roma / poor unemployed) which will benefit from beneficiaries experience together with new skills and knowledge offered by the programs activities in storing / collecting garbage, (example: cans, aluminium pieces, plastic, bottles, glass bottles and paper e.t.c.), from surrounding communities and industry, sorting and promoting them in the market for sale (through NGO’s network).

To mention training courses, exchange of know how and best practices, study visits, creation of website / facebook / data base of examples and good practices etc that will enhance their capacities in recycling techniques, delivery methodologies (to eco-waste buyers), storing, trade and basic administration, and trash art.

Main outcome of the project will be the creation of a co-operative , the initiation of more private commercial activities, the organisation of events, the cooperation with public authorities and other institutions, etc
Who is expected to benefit? The main beneficiaries of the project will be disadvantaged groups of the West region of Attica including immigrants. More vulnerable groups will also be able to learn from the workshops and the online Good Practices Database.
How will bilateral relations be strengthened? The Donor project partner will contribute by its know-how and experience in developing local waste recycling sustainable solutions, green skills development and more activities on that direction. Our partner is very experienced in collaborating with disadvantaged groups.

What will the partnership achieve? It will organise courses and workshops in Waste Recycling based on eco-friendly techniques and the use of energy efficient devices. It will also create an online database compiling Good Practices and practical solutions to environmental problems.

Type of partner/expertise sought

NGO, Private organization. Expertise in Environment and sustainable development

Type of expertise/competence offered

Bilateral cooperation, social enterprises development

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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