Founded in 1991, CFL is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, supporting people living with HIV / AIDS. CFL also responds to related needs to create awareness for prevention and precaution to the general public. CLF mainly operates by means of volunteer work under strict confidentiality. The volunteers are trained in specialized seminars that take place every year


Services provides by professionals:
- Free psychological counseling and social support.
- Free legal support.
Services provided by volunteers:
- Drop-In Centre, a day hospitality service that offers a pleasant environment for PLWHA to meet informally and participate in various group activities.
- Info Centre, support and trainning service to familirize illiterate PLWHA with the use of new technology (pc, internet etc.).
- Buddy service, home and hospital visits to PLWHA in need in order to provide emotional and practical support.
- Public awarness program, roadshow in public and private venues (schools, workplaces etc.) presenting information on prevention, safer sex, and the fight against stigma and social discrimination for PLWHA.
- POSITIVE magazine, a free press quarterly edition addressing issues for HIV/AIDS and of general interest, distributed in many Greek cities.
- Prison detainees support Program, provision of sanitary goods and clothes to PLWHA in jail (Korydallos Prison).

Type of expertise/competence offered

Psychological services and social support, Legal support services, Drop-In Centre services, Public awareness programs

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