In these transition times we are living, practical examples of a Sustainable structure and way of life are needed. Our country needs such initiatives more than ever as it will have a positive impact at the local community and also promote Greece abroad. Hopeland has its reasons of existence at many levels: more than an ecological community it will be a place where new technologies can be tried and showcased, spreading knowledge that is needed through workshops and seminars (with a special care for children), while implementing new structures (exchange economy ,“lets” system, collective governance). A way of life that creates conditions for balance and harmony at all levels.


Hopeland, a land of hope as suggested by its name, is an eco-village which is now being developed in the prefecture of Argolida just outside Argos in a magnificent location.

It aims at being a community serving as a practical example of sustainability, by showing through its operations how a different natural and sustainable lifestyle is possible.

Respect and co-creation with nature while minimizing the ecological footprint
Creation and application of new structures (such as equitable collective governance and “new” economic structures)
Sharing/spreading practical knowledge

Description of proposed activity or project

Our current project has to do with hippo therapy for children with special needs such as autism and or ADD/ADHD. We already have a farm in Argolis Greece and we are planning to offer 7 days program during the summer to families who have children with special needs, offering hippo therapy to the children and knowledge and support to parents.

Type of partner/expertise sought

We are looking for a partner who already has an expertise on this area and is willing to cooperate with us and create a special place for people in need on our land in Argolis Greece.

Type of expertise/competence offered

We offer our know how on hippo therapy as well as the parent's support having grate experience on both matters. We also offer a great peace of land which is prepared to be a sustainable farm. We are also offering our two beloved horses.

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