Non-formal learning club

Non-formal learning club „WE“ is a non-governmental, non-profit organization based on the voluntary activity. WE vision – to promote the turning of „the everlasting learning engine“ with the aim to learn and live building a harmony. WE mission – to inspire people for personal and professional changes which would encourage a wish for knowledge.


WE aim – to stimulate people (youth/adult/seniors) to share their experience, knowledge, skills and feelings with adults who have worse learning possibilities (without basic qualification or secondary education, with weak basic competences (social, personal and other), those who do not know about their rights, growing children, etc.) and in this way to inspire them for self-development. To increase possibilities and scope for non-formal adults‘ learning aiming to enhance desirability of non-formal learning.
WE initiatives:
o research, methodical seminars, consultations, national/international conference,
o educational programs for youth, adults and seniors
o community events, active leisure time and promotion of wellness
o promotion of sharing culture

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