Thessaloniki Pride

Thessaloniki's LGBT organization that stages the city’s annual pride festival, as well as relevant events for information and social intervention in Thessaloniki and beyond.


Thessaloniki Pride is a civil society organization with the goal of promoting the visibility of sexual and gender minorities, as well as supporting their equality and human rights in the city and beyond. For this purpose, Thessaloniki Pride organizes the festival that holds its name every June, an event which stands as the realization of the right of LGBT people to be present in the public sphere and contribute to public speech as such. This yearly festival, reaches out to the whole city as an occasion to celebrate diversity and fight stigmatization. Apart from the yearly festival, Thessaloniki Pride also organizes educational as well as interventional events throughout the year. The organization also works towards setting up a Southeastern Europe network of similar civil society organizations.

Type of partner/expertise sought

For the anti-bullying campaign we are seeking for partners primarily in the field of LGBT rights, but also other forms of social inclusion and support, in order to reflect all forms of bullying. For the SE Europe networking project we are seeking for partnership with other LGBT organisations from the broader SE European region (Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Moldova, Romania, Turkey and all the former Yugoslav countries). Experience in project management is essential.

Type of expertise/competence offered

We are an organization with experience in the regional LGBT issues that have cooperated with the local authorities, public institutions, as well as other NGOs of the same or similar background in the city, nationally and regionally. Our activities include major events, such as the city's annual LGBT pride festival, and other forms of civic activism. We also manage a network of around 40 young and motivated volunteers.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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