The HCGC was established to serve as a national body for corporate governance in Greece and to improve accountability and transparency of Greek companies.


HCG Council members include representatives of
– Market bodies: Hellenic Capital Market Commission and HELEX;
– Business and Financial sector associations: SEV, Hellenic Bank Association, American Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, European Corporate Governance Codes Network, MEDEF;
– Institutional Investors, practitioners and academics in the field of corporate governance.
The core purpose of the HCGC is to promote good governance and transparency:
– Make Greece’s corporate governance rules and governance arrangements in companies transparent for both national and international investors;
– Strengthen confidence in the governance and management of Greek corporations;
– Provide a framework for shareholders to participate in corporate affairs;
– Make governance arrangements, including gender, transparent to all stakeholders.

Type of partner/expertise sought

Partner from Norway, which is a country with long developed and applied corporate governance code, to draft or improve fraud prevention guidelines. Also to disseminate their practices and knowledge to Greece which is a country with recent and modern corporate governance code, and to help in implementing best practices. The ideal partner might be in the business community, trade associations, social partners, academia and NGOS. The common denominator for both partners should be the promotion of ethical values, accountability, and transparency in corporate practices. The partners, will seek to offer practical assistance to board members, executive management but also to young people, to advance in the management ladder, through transfer of best practices and guidelines to companies.

Type of expertise/competence offered

The HCGC is the owner of the Hellenic Corporate Governance Code which introduces special practices for company board accountability and transparency among all stakeholders. The HCGC is a member of the European Corporate Governance Codes Network (www.ecgcn.org) and also is an expert contributor for the World Bank Doing Business Report. Greece is an EU member and a member of the Eurozone. The HCG Council is diverse in skills, experience, gender and background. Its members are high profile local and foreign experts among, academia, regulators, business, investment, social partners and other stakeholders.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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