OLKE Lesbian & Gay Community of Greece

OLKE is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) with basic aims to combat discrimination and promote the rights of LGBTI people in Greece. The organisation also strives to raise awareness on issues like sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, sexual health, marriage equality and same-sex parenting.


OLKE’s activities include marriage and registered partnership (currently there is no marriage and registered partnership of any kind available to same-sex couples). OLKE runs the project “Different families, Same Love” aiming to mobilise and raise awareness to LGBTI parents and/or parents with LGBTI children. OLKE initiated also the creation of the group known as “LGBTI Parenting”. Furthermore, OLKE strives to eradicate prejudice, stereotypes, stigma and social exclusion against the LGBTI population, homophobia, hate speech and crimes, plus lobbying for LGBTI rights with the political parties.
Among other activities, OLKE has set up the first political group of Greece for lobbying and communication with MPs and the political parties for the causes of the LGBTI community, and participated in the creation of the LGBTI Organisation’s Platform; an umbrella of more than ten LGBTI organisations and groups in Greece. OLKE organised the 2nd Mediterranean ILGA – EUROPE Solidarity and Network Meeting and an International LGBTI Family Conference (Grundtvig Learning Partnership Project). OLKE created the group “Take action against homophobia” in collaboration with three other LGBTI organisations. We push the hate crimes – hate speech agenda to the UNCHR, MPs of the European Parliament, MPs of the Greek Parliament, Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection, Ministry of Justice, other public authorities, media and NGO’s. We have published practical guides for LGBTI people in case they are victimised. Finally, other participations include the Annual International HIV Festival, participation to the International Research “EMIS” (Health Research without boundaries), Be Positive (NGO for HIV bodies): cooperating against discrimination, the Annual Athens Pride Festival, the Annual Antiracist Festival, the Annual International Day against Homophobia, and last but not least the first LGBTI European Survey (FRA 2012).

Type of expertise/competence offered

LGBT rights
Human rights
Minority rights

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Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

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