RUHAMA Foundation

Established in 1996 Ruhama Foundation’s mission to improve the quality life of people and local communities at risk of social exclusion or marginalization (Roma ethnics at risk of social exclusion and people disproportionally disadvantaged by the job market). The Ruhama Foundation vision is to contribute for an equitable society where people respect each other, and live a good and decent life.


Ruhama Foundation intervenes at the community level, creating integrated models of interventions for the different categories of problems faced by the target groups, using educational programs; social services; employment services and support; training programs for adults; Community Development Programs. These models are promoted as viable solutions that lead to partnerships with public authorities and private organizations. Ruhama Foundation’s interventions aim to contribute to the essential goal of public social policies in the social field, a goal that is a part of the Romanian Social Work Law - to promote, respect and ensure the rights of beneficiaries to live independent, fulfilled and dignified lives, and facilitate their participation to the social, economic, political and cultural life.
Ruhama Foundation was founded in 1996, in Oradea (a town located in the North-West of Romania), with the expressed purpose of fighting against the leading causes of stereotyping and discrimination affecting the Roma minority, and creating the conditions for higher standards of living and dignified existence.

Description of proposed activity or project

The main activities of the partner should be to provide training, technical assistance and working methodologies for areas such as:
1. active inclusion aproach;
2. case management approach aims for a sustainable integration/reintegration in the labor market
3. adult learning programs

Type of partner/expertise sought

Know how in integrated active inclusion aproach;
Know how in case management approach aims for a sustainable integration/reintegration in the labor market ( included training and counselling services, housing support and social housing, childcare, long-term care services for people who depend on the family caregiving)
Know how in adult education programs

Type of expertise/competence offered

A very rich work experience in working with Roma people who live in poverty and social exclusion

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