LHL International Tuberculosis Foundation (LHL International)

LHL International is a foundation with long experience and vast knowledge in the field of tuberculosis (TB) and HIV/AIDS. We are currently having projects in southern Africa, Nepal and western-Russia (Arkhangelsk), and we collaborate with community based organisations/patient organizations, national programs and research institutions.


LHL Internationals work is based on the 'Stop TB' strategy of the World Health Organization, and our focus is access to quality diagnosis and treatment services for people with TB, and patient empowerment through increased knowledge, reduced stigmatization and better communication between health workers and patients. Fighting poverty and targeting most- at risk populations such as injecting drug users , prisoners, migrants etc. are part of our strategy.

Since the mid- 1980's, the spread of HIV has led to a strong increase in the number of TB cases. Despite the fact that TB can be cured, TB is the greatest single cause of death among the HIV positive population. LHL International promotes the need to make patient- friendly health services available to persons with HIV and TB, and upholds the importance of close cooperation between TB and HIV programs.

Description of proposed activity or project

- Increase casefinding for TB and HIV among most-at- risk populations such as migrants, injectable drug users and minorities
- Increase knowledge about HIV and TB and the right to treatment, both among the general population and the most-at-risk population.
- Improve communication and counseling skills among health workers and others working with the target group.

Type of partner/expertise sought

- NGOs with experience and interest in TB and HIV
- TB patient organisations
- Experience and capability to work with most-at- risk populations, e.g. migrants, drug-users, prisoners, minorities

Type of expertise/competence offered

LHL International have long experience in working with civil society and communities in the fight against TB and HIV. We can offer expertise in:
- Patient- friendly services
- Patient participation
- Advocacy
- Social mobilization
- Health communication
- Development of IEC materials
- Social support

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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