Fatias de Cá

Theatre group


Carlos Carvalheiro is the Director of FdC - writer, translator, stage director and actor.
FdC was originally founded in Tomar in 1979.It has 4 production centers spread in Portugal located in Tomar,Almourol,Coimbra and Lisbon.Being Tomar the headquarters.Develops projects in a professional and amateur scope,counting with 120 members,ranging from full/part-time and occasional staff.We highly invest not only in the quality of the texts and authors,but also in the diversity and opportunity of the themes and messages contained in the scripts.FdC has always privileged the use of the places and the relation among the public,artists and staff.The choice of the places is made taking into consideration the originality of the place in itself and the possibility of letting the public being introduced to it. The interaction with the public is our second mark, which is also a decisive aspect for the understanding of the play in a real perspective, since the public is always part of the play.

Description of proposed activity or project

To create an opera performance.

Type of partner/expertise sought

We are looking for partners in the area of dance and sing.

Type of expertise/competence offered

Theatre expertise and a unique director.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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