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HEIDENROSLEIN ASSOCIATION was been founded in 2001 as a necessity for the social and educational projects development financed by GAW STUTTGART through Mrs. Doris Soehner in Romania. Since 1990 this organization proved to be very efficient in Romania, financing directly all kinds of projects. The ‘Cyanide' event from Baia Mare, confirmed the need of setting up an organization with Romanian juridical personality which should fairly present, at European level, the country's events and environment issues and should become an active agent of positive change. Through education we can achieve a future European generation. Through education we can teach our future generations their rights AND responsabilities! Therefore the ‘Wild Rose' organization (meaning sweetbriar) was set up. The reason - each child is a wild rose and he depends on US in order to become ‘royal' or weed. Through education we can get a future European like generation. Through education we can teach them to respect future generations rights!


www.heidenroslein.home.ro/the prevention of scholar abandon -, a project financed by GAW STUTTGART and other German communities./The “Green Club” educational project 2001-2005 promotes the implementation of applied ecological behaviour, at pre-school level and at all levels of learning. The implementation at school and high-school level of the national project “Lets Recycle Paper” ,“Nature in distress” ,Green Park Ferneziu,“Together for school and life,Info – Europa
Attention to inattention financed by
European Institutions for everybody’s understanding
The guide of the young entreprisor
Plant a tree on the Day of the Earth
Informed youth, protected youth
What does equality of chance mean?
“The right for healthy environment, part of the rights of women”
Women and energy/Collected and given back to nature
European Institutions
The guide of the young entrepreneur
“Citizen rights and obligations in the protection of the surrounding environment”
• The preservation of Maramures’s biodiversity /The Conservation of the Danube Delta biodiversity” 'Education in the mining town of Baia Sprie "
For crystalline waters",,,
Protected areas, national heritage ".
A young man informed a young protected /
What is to have equal opportunities?
Protected areas, World Heritage!

Honoring war veterans!
Maramures, a model of ethnic tolerance
Elie Wiesel days at Sighet
Facts and deeds
Childhood - sunshine
Can we can repay the borrowed flowers from our children?
Conservation of biodiversity and ecological reconstruction of the lower basin of the River Tour -/Adrian pond /Environmental education in rural areas
Conservation of biodiversity in protected areas
International projects / applicant UBM / partner Heidenroslein Association
Title: Education in the separation and identification of organic xenobiotics in Environmental and food product samples
Partners: North University of Baia Mare, Romania, University Pardubice, Czech Republic, Slovak University Technology - Slovak Republic, Technical University of Graz, Austria, University of Pecs - Hungary, Agricultural University Wrodaw - Poland, Medical University of Gdansk - Poland, Comenius University of Bratislava - Slovakia, University of Ljubljana - Slovenia, University of Sofia - Bulgaria, University of Zagreb, Croatia, Nicolaus Copernicus University - Torun, Poland, Romania Association Heidenroslein-
Research team: Anca Mihaly Cozma - project, Mihaly Cozma Leonard, Camelia Varga, Marian Monica
Title: CII-HU-0010-03-0809 - Teaching and Learning Bioanalysis-CEEPUS Program coordinator Prof. Anca Mihaly Cozma
. Title: ARGO training placement under the Lifelong Learning Programme - Leonardo da Vinci program, coordinator Prof. Anca Mihaly Cozma

Type of partner/expertise sought

Partners may be NGOs and universities that are having experience in the cultural field. The partnership adds value to the project.The partner will be able to understand the cultural values of the county.The partner will support, assist the implementation of activities of the two projectst and will organize promotional events in Norway.

Type of expertise/competence offered

HEIDENROSLEIN Association has extensive experience in project implementing . Has 2789 members and specialists in various fields. Always worked in various partnerships.
In 25 years of activity there were no problems with the received funding.
The association offers experience, professionalism and opportunity to get to know our home. Maramures has many unique values in a European context that deserves to be promoted.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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