Ivan PATAZICHIN is a former kayak-canoe olympic champion, many times medalist, world renowed. Born in a Danube Delta fishermen community, he established the organisation to contribute with sustainable development programmes to local development issues.


Danube Delta is an UNESCO nature heritage reserve which imposes a special consideration in economic development, biodiversity loss and sustainability. But also the reconnection with nature is of great importance for Romania. For this reason we have created and implemented a series of programmes which adress the issues of heritage loss, either tangible (the traditional fishermen boat, the lotca, rowing with wood boats, celebration of local values) and non-tangible (such as gastronomy, local culture, local heroes which became champions). Beginnning with 2010, year of creation of the NGO, we have organised local events to promote activities in nature, we have created a wood boats crafts shop, cultural events, European competitions on waters as well as in Romania. Mainly we have acted with other local partners to support ecotourism as a platforma for sustainable development of local communities. Our vision is that Romania is the future eco country of Europe. Least to say.

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