A ngo which delivers services to regional health autorities in the field of substance abuse. The Foundation's purpose is to empower drug users to a independent life without substance abuse. It is the Foundation's mission is to make students practical, theoretical and attitudinal able to manage their opportunities in accordance with the individual's qualifications. Accountability occurs through participation, requirements, work, discipline, long-term objectives.


The Foundation runs a treatment facility with 26 years of experince in the field of addiction. 25 employees with hige qualifications in social, health and educational work. Specialized in working with addiction, using community as method.
22 patients, adolecents primarly. Treatment is based up on the community as method. Emphasis is especially on the contact with local social environment and local labor market as a part of the treament. Long term treatment (one year).

Type of expertise/competence offered

Staff who have qualifications in supervisjon and psychotherapy, well trained in community as method. Experince with treating adolescents with drug problems and drug related problems. An organisation with staff who has been a part of a continous development and has focus on the human resources and good teamwork. know how about cooperating with local social environment and interaction with local and regional social and health authorities.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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