Lyra Symphonic Orchestra of Debrecen

A non-professional symphonic orchestra comprising amateur players (doctors, teachers, students, engineers, scientists, etc.) and looking back on a past of 65 years.


The orchestra was founded in 1948 and since then it has given well over 600 concerts in Debrecen and its neighbourhood. It has toured Germany, Italy (where we also played for Pope John Paul II in 1993), Finland and Lithuania. Its main purpose is the dissemination of musical culture, the popularization of Hungarian composers. It has always been supportive of young talents, giving them opportunities of solo performances.

Description of proposed activity or project

As we are performers of classical music, we are looking for partners in this field. We would be glad to perform oratorios, masses, opera passages that require the contribution of a choir and an orchestra. We would be pleased to accompany young talents (both singers and instrumentalists) in the form of concert tours and within the framework of bilateral cooperation. We are thinking of mutual invitations, organizations of individual as well as joint concerts

Type of partner/expertise sought

As stated above, we are looking for partners for performing classical music. The potential partner would ideally be a non-professional choir and orchestra with a background similar to ours. We would primarily be interested in how they maintain their artistic niveau (number of rehearsals, concerts, whether they have a professional artistic leader, etc.) We are also seeking to get information on how a non-profit, non-governmental organization like ours work in the countries participating in this partnership, how they recruit staff and contribute to the enhancement of musical knowledge in their area. We would also be interested to find out how funding is done, i.e. whether members pay a(n annual) membership fee, whether they receive any financial support from local governments, etc.

Type of expertise/competence offered

With our 65 years of experience, we can offer some unique pieces. For example, we have a Mass in F major by Mozart that does not figure in the Köchel-Verzeichnis, for symphonic orchestra, four singer (soprano, alto, tenor, bass)+ choir, which we recorded with a Finnish choir in 1985. Present-day Hungarian composers have also written pieces for our orchestra. One of them - a suite by a Debrecen composer, was also recorded in 1985.
The founding conductor, László Tóth, was leader of the orchestra until his death in 2006. Our conductor at present is József Balogh, an eminent flute artist and teacher at the local music school.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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