Socialiter Association

Socialiter Association is a young organization, with specialized, educated and trained people that wish to help improve the life of the community through proper education.


Socialiter Association is a NGO who wish to be part of the life of community in terms of education, working with youth, disadvantaged or on a high risk people. The main goal is promoting, encouraging, achieving and coordinating activities regarding health, social, educational and cultural domain. SocialiterAsscoaition wishes to offer social services to all the persons in need. The members of the NGO have experience working with young people, they are pros in areas like social assistance, psychology, juridical counselingand educational training. The members have experience in volunteer coordination, they have worked in European financing projects in local NGO’s.

Description of proposed activity or project

The purpose of the project is knowledge exchange regarding non-discrimination activities, health related information, work methodology with sex workers and women victims of violence. The project assumes work visits in the two countries which have two lines of action: experience sharing regarding work with different beneficiaries, work methods, services provided by the NGO, regarding information exchange in theory and practice. During these visits on the field, the participants, members of the partner NGO, will be able to observe directly the work methods. The second component assumes a commonly chosen work method with the beneficiaries that would be implemented after the work visit.

Type of partner/expertise sought

Socialiter Association wishes to collaborate in exchange programs with other NGOs that have as activity domains antidiscrimination, human rights, health, social services and basic services, advocacy. More exactly, the NGOs that work with beneficiaries that are part of vulnerable groups: sex workers, street children, seropositive people, victims of violence, women victims of human traffic.

Type of expertise/competence offered

Socialiter Association’s activities (outreach and inside meetings): basic and social services, therapy, psychological and professional counseling, support groups, medical references, HIV and hepatitis testing, advocacy meetings with members of public institutions, campaigns of informing on health issues (AIDS, cancer, contraceptive methods, hepatitis and tuberculosis), child education, art therapy.
Beneficieries: rroma people, street children, victims of trafficking and violence, seropositive people, sex workers, with members of public institutions and youth.

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